Month: September 2015

Replace e1000e with VMXNET3 for Windows Server 2012 R2, via Orchestrator

I had a customer requirement to modify the virtual network adapter type for many Windows 2012 R2 servers.  Their standard includes static IPs, and due to the way Windows recognizes virtual network adapter type changes, the Windows OS static IP configuration is normally lost on adapter change.  I created the following VMware Orchestrator workflow to automate the process of updating the adapter type and cloning the guest IP configuration to the new configuration.

As you can see, before making changes to the VM, I take a snapshot.  If any key step fails, I revert to the snapshot.  You may want to modify this behavior depending on your environment requirements.

Shout out to the excellent Guest script manager package, I use it extensively here.


Download the workflow package here:

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