Who created all these VMs?

I had a customer ask for a report of who built all VMs in a particular vCenter instance.  Alan of Virtu-Al.net has a great article on how to tag VMs with creator information, here: https://www.virtu-al.net/2010/02/23/who-created-that-vm/

In my case however, I wanted a complete report of all VMs created in the environment, and I wanted it fast.  I opted to go straight to the source… the database.  This SQL query will do the trick:

Using Alan’s article, I compiled a list of interesting event types and added the “vim.event” prefix, as used in the database.  Easy.

One final note:  You may or may not have a complete history in the VPX_EVENT table.  The vCenter with a Microsoft SQL database has a stored procedure “cleanup_events_tasks_proc,” and corresponding SQL Agent job.  This will purge your event history based on two parameters.  You can check the relevant parameters with this query:

Here’s sample output.  In this case purging VPX_EVENT based on event age is disabled:

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