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ks.cfg Command Changes from ESXi 5.5 to ESXi 6.0

The vSphere 5.5 documentation includes a helpful page outlining the ESXi installer script changes between 4.x and 5.x:

The vSphere 6.0 documentation does not have a corresponding page documenting the ESXi scripted install changes from vSphere 5.5 to vSphere 6.0, probably because the changes are less significant. Two switches have been removed, and both are related to upgrading from ESX/ESXi 4.x.

ESXi Scripted Install, Switches Removed in vSphere 6.x

Command Switch Description
installorupgrade, upgrade –forcemigrate Force continue when upgrading from ESX(i) 4.x host with custom software that is not found on installation media
installorupgrade, upgrade –deletecosvmdk Previously used when migrating from ESX to ESXi

vRA 7 Allow Override on VirtualMachine.Network0.Name Custom Property

In vRealize Automation Center 7, some changes have been made to the way vSphere machine networks are configured.  However, someone may want to use the VirtualMachine.Network0.Name custom property to specify a particular port group to use at request time.  However, at least in one case, I am seeing the “override” property value reset to “no” after saving the blueprint, which would no longer allow the property value to be overwritten when the blueprint is requested.  NOTE – looks like the override behavior has been resolved, verified with vRA 7.0.1 build 3621464


This is a very simple one machine blueprint that references an external network (this issue occurs regardless of the presence of the external network config)

The external network is tied to a network profile that references multiple port groups.  So we want to use a custom property to let the port group be specified at request time.  Previously you would go to the Properties tab for this machine and set the custom property there.  However, vRA 7 doesn’t want us to do that:

OK, no problem.  Examining the Network tab of the vSphere machine component:

Clicking Custom Properties reveals this window where VirtualNetwork.NetworkX.Name or other custom properties could be specified:

However, after ensuring Show in Request and Overridable are both checked, saving the blueprint, and clicking Finish, this option gets reset to Overrideable=no.  NOTE – Looks like this is fixed in 7.0.1 build 3621464.  The overridable property can be set from the Network -> Custom Properties tab as shown here.

The end result is that the VM cannot be custom wired to a specific port group when a user requests this blueprint from the catalog.




So, let’s fix this.  The solution is to create a property group containing our custom property, and associate that property group to the VM component in this blueprint.

Administration -> Property Dictionary -> Property Groups, Add…

Here’s what the VM component properties look like now that we have added this

Now we can specify the value for this property at request time:

Much better.


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