Month: December 2016

ESXi 6.0+ and 3PAR, PDL issue causing host to hang

With certain versions of HPE 3PAR and ESXi 6.0, hosts can hang, crash, or fail to install. If this occurs, you will see many PDL errors in the ESXi logs against LUN 256.

This can be resolved by setting an ESXi limit to prevent visibility of LUN 256, or by applying a patch on the 3PAR.

From the HPE release notes:

“Addresses an issue in which some VMware versions may send unsupported commands to the PE LUN (LUN 256). Such commands are currently returned with sense data 0x5 0x25 0x0. This response causes VMware to encounter an unexpected PDL alert on the LUN. The response is now changed to 0x5 0x20 0x0 to avoid this issue.”

This problem is exposed in ESXi 6.0, when the SCSI device limit was increased to 1024 devices – range LUN 0 to LUN 1023.  In ESXi 5.5, the limit was 256 devices, LUN 0 to LUN 255 – as a result the ESXi 5.5 hosts are not able to see the PE LUN and do not query it.


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Checking firmware version of NIC driver on ESXi 6.0

To check for a problem firmware version on HP blades, I used the following snippet.  It leverages a small hashtable as a parameter to get-esxcli newish “V2” format for calling esxcli commands remotely.

Thought it was kind of fun.

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