Unable to Schedule Reports in vROPs 6.3 using AD Users

If you are like most of my customers, when deploying vRealize Operations Manager the automatic user integration that happens when registering a vCenter adapter is totally sufficient to provide sys admins with access to the solution.

As you may be aware, vROPs Roles such as ContentAdmin map to individual vCenter SSO Role Privileges (All -> Global -> … vRealize Operations …).

Unfortunately, there is one caveat in the documentation to be aware of – scheduling reports in vROPs is not possible by vCenter Server users.  This is despite the fact that ContentAdmin has the vROPs permission Content -> Reports Management -> Schedule (!).

Generating Reports
vCenter Server users cannot create or schedule reports in vRealize Operations Manager.


So, the options are 1) use a local vROPs account to schedule reports, 2) setup an authentication source in vROPs to use Active Directory directly.  Assuming that your scheduled reports do not change too often, solution 1 is probably sufficient for most small or medium sized environments.


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