Month: May 2017

Adding virtual hard disk to VCSA 6.0 VM

I had a situation that required ferrying large files off an old VCSA 6.0 VM, as the system could not be connected to the network. These steps worked for me to get the temporary transit drive recognized by the VCSA. Note I had already prepared a temporary VMDK drive, formatted with FAT32 for compatibility with a Windows VM:

  • Boot VCSA offline from the network
  • Add the existing “transit” VMDK drive as a hard drive to the VM
  • Open the VCSA VM console, CTRL+ALT+F1 to switch to shell console, log in as root
  • Run this to rescan the scsi bus and detect new devices (note this was the required option combination that worked for me):
  • Run this to see the added device:

At this point, you can mount the device, copy your files, and then umount/disconnect hard drive / connect to your network connected VM.

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