Jeff Green, Author

Welcome to my blog!  I write articles geared for other technology professionals, and I hope you find the content practical and interesting.

I am currently an IT consultant and senior systems engineer specializing in VMware solutions.  My clients are primarily state government agencies.

In the past I have worked both as a consultant and as in-house IT talent.  For a complete profile see my LinkedIn,

About the Blog

I primarily use this blog to write publicly accessible technical notes about IT infrastructure, with a focus on VMware data center and cloud automation solutions.  My other technical interests are varied (software development, machine learning, security, VR) and occasionally I’ll venture into posting about one of those other topics.


Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer. Use scripts and techniques at your own risk. Make sure you understand what the implications are for your systems before taking action and always seek official guidance from the product vendors for production, business-critical environments.

Referral Links

I currently use DigitalOcean when I need a cloud-based VM fast.  You can use this referral link to get yourself a $10 credit (and benefit me too):

For many years, I have used DreamHost for hosting websites, DNS, and other services.  They have great customer service.  You can use this referral link and I will earn credit:


2 thoughts on “Jeff Green, Author

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Very nice blog with interesting information. I have a question with regards to the vcsa json template. i was wondering if you know there is a way to install vcsa with the template method with the vSan easy install facility (it’s a vsan 6.6 feature). if this is possible would it be possible for you to share the JSON Template info to do so ?

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